Administrative Manager at Premiere Urgence Internationale (PUI)

Premiere Urgence Internationale (PUI)
Job Title: Administrative Manager

Location: Monguno, Borno
Employment Type: Full-time
Starting Date: 11th January 2023
Duration of contract: – 5 Months (with possible extension)

Position General Information
General Objective:

  • The Base Administrative Manager is responsible to manage the Administrative Department at Monguno Base under the direct supervision of the Field Coordinator and with the technical support of both the Finance Coordinator and the HR Coordinator.
  • He/she is responsible for the proper functioning of the administrative services of the base, in compliance with the procedures of PUI and donors.

Responsibilities and Tasks

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  • Human Resources: S/he supervises all the activities related to human resources management. S/he is responsible for the enforcement internal staff regulation and HR guidelines at base level, while respecting the legal framework of the country of operation in this regard.
  • HR Administrative Management: S/he is responsible for the administrative management of national teams at base level in close collaboration with the HR Coordinator (recruitment, hiring, remuneration, follow-up, evaluations, training, dismissals…).
  • Work Organization: S/he makes recommendations and participates in the rationalization and optimization of the Human Resources of the base.
  • Risk Analysis: S/he analyzes risks in relation to HR, administrative and financial questions, and issues alerts and recommendations when necessary.
  • Administrative and Financial Management: S/he oversees administrative and financial questions at the base, and ensures compliance with relevant procedures, with substantive support from the mission’s Financial Coordinator.
  • Budget Follow Up: S/he contributes to the financial follow up of the mission, in coordination with other departments

Specific Objectives and Associated Actions
Ensure Human Resources Management of the Base:

  • S/he works in collaboration with the Field Coordinator and HR coordinator to set up Human Resources (HR) procedures and management tools in compliance with the labour regulations of the country of intervention, the internal staff regulations (ISR) as well as the HR guidelines, and monitors risks associated with HR issues in the base.
  • S/he works, under the responsibility of the Field Coordinator, and in link with other departments’ heads on reviews / optimization of the HR structure of the base.
  • S/he implements HR rules, procedures and tools in the base regarding: new HR regulations, national staff contracts, procedures of recruitment, payroll operations, implementation of appropriate working conditions, HR records electronic and physical records.
  • S/he ensures the administrative management of national staff payroll operations, monitoring absences, the construction, updating and archiving of personnel files.
  • S/he assumes or delegates responsibility for the integration of any new employees at the base, and ensures that logistical, administrative, HR and financial procedures, as well as procedures for the use of communication and transportation are explained and understood.
  • S/he suggests possible updates to the ISR in terms of rules, procedures and tools relating to recruitment, remuneration, administrative management, disciplinary aspects and management of individual career development within the organisation.
  • S/he controls and monitors the implementation of the tools and procedures and provides the necessary support to perform the service.
  • S/he contributes to the organisation of recruitment (provisional planning, advertisement, applications, and interviews) for all departments.
  • S/he participates in the hiring process, as well as in any decisions related to the termination of employment contracts of national employees at base level.
  • S/he ensures compliance with PUI’s internal rules of procedure at base level.
  • S/he ensures that all national employees are subject to a written evaluation as per PUI Nigeria internal guidelines.
  • S/he completes training programmes for the national staff (administrative aspects, logistical regarding procedures) on and as needs basis.
  • S/he handles the management of interpersonal conflicts that arise on his/her base, and refers the matter to the field coordinator, in the event that s/he is not able to resolve dispute.
  • S/he ensures a follow up of employees’ careers for the national staff, in collaboration with the project managers, Logistician and Field Coordinator.
  • S/he is the guardian of the image of PUI in his/her area of operation, and in that capacity ensures that the entire staff under his/her authority displays behaviour consistent with the values upheld by the organization, and with full respect for the local culture.

Ensure Financial, Budgetary, Accounting and Administrative Management of the Base:

  • S/he works in collaboration with the Finance Coordinator to set up aspects related to finance, including budgetary, accounting and treasury elements at the base.
  • S/he ensures the setting up and proper use of tools and procedures for financial, accounting and budget management in the base: accounting procedures, accounting records, SAGA, budgets follow up, allocation tables, budget projections, cash forecasts, cash management and cash security.
  • S/he is responsible for cost optimisation; and uses budget tracking to achieve this; s/he ensures adequate financial resources for the running of the base.
  • Regarding budgetary monitoring, s/he participates in team-based analysis (along with technical, administrative and logistics management) and is responsible for detecting anomalies and proposing adjustments to the field coordinator and to the Finance Coordinator.
  • S/he ensures that accounting entries are completed in compliance with internal rules and communicated to the Finance Coordinator according to the agreed calendar, after endorsement by the Field Coordinator.
  • Together with the Finance Coordinator and the Field Coordinator, S/he tracks the cash flow for his/her base and oversees disbursements.
  • Together with the Finance Coordinator and the Field Coordinator, S/he ensures that a system of internal oversight is in place at the base. S/he ensures compliance with procedures for undertaking expenditure commitments and participates in the process of endorsing purchase orders.
  • S/he is the guardian of the bookkeeping, and in that capacity makes sure that cash balances and bank accounts (if applicable) are absolutely and permanently backed up by appropriate accounting documents.
  • S/he organises and provides training to the administrative national staff in the base on these tools and procedures
  • S/he makes sure that these tools and procedures are understood and applied by the national staff.
  • S/he controls and monitors the implementation of the tools and procedures and provides the necessary support to perform the service.
  • S/he provides a technical support to the base regarding financial tools and develops tools to implement the administrative services in the base.
  • S/he organises the preparation of audits at base level, under supervision of the Finance Coordinator.
  • S/he contributes to the preparation of grant proposals and drafts the budgets for the base.
  • Under the direct supervision of the Field Coordinator and the support from the Finance Coordinator and/or the HR Coordinator s/he follows the implementation of Nigerian administrative regulations at base level and interacts with field level administrations on that regard.

Ensure Reporting and Dissemination of Information:

  • S/he ensures efficient flow of information to the Field Coordinator, Finance Coordinator and HR Coordinator, and, if necessary, to the programme team, to the logistics team, and to the Head of Mission.
  • S/he drafts or participates in the drafting of reports on internal operations in all matters concerning his/her field of action in financial, budgetary, accounting and HR management of the mission.
  • S/he supports the manager(s) in the base in the performance of their administrative activities, in a functional, not hierarchical, relationship.
  • S/he sends the internal and external reports to the immediate supervisor, while meeting internal deadlines for endorsement (monthly logistical reports / accountancy/ returns on budgetary monitoring / cash flow estimates).
  • S/he attends internal coordination meetings and participates actively in them.
  • If necessary and by delegation from the Field Coordinator, the Finance Coordinator, or the HR Coordinator, S/he represents the association with partners, local authorities and various actors involved in the financial, administrative, legal, and human resource aspects of the mission.

Ensure the Management of the Administrative Department:

  • S/he ensures the direct supervision and management of the Finance Officer, HR Officer, Finance Assistant and HR Assistant.
  • S/he ensures the setting of objectives to be achieved by the administrative department and tracks their realization and leads the staff appraisal.
  • S/he contributes to the decision-making process regarding any termination of employment contracts.
  • S/he ensures or delegates responsibility for the integration of new staff within the administrative department, ensuring the relevant tools and procedures, and PUI policies are well understood.
  • S/he prepares the job profiles of local staff under his/her immediate supervision.
  • The tasks and responsibilities defined in this job description are non-exhaustive and can evolve depending on the project’s needs.

Priorities of the Department:

  • Implementing the main PUI tools and processes in both HR and Finance (FFU, payroll, etc.)
  • Capacity building of the administrative team and of all the staff in general in terms of Finance/HR processes and procedures (including finalization of pending recruitments within his/her team).
  • Support and guide the managers in sizing and recruiting the teams for the Logistics and Program departments

Mandatory Requirements
Education Degree:

  • Minimum of Bachelor of Science degree or its equivalent in Admin/ Finance/Accounting or related fields.

Languages Skills:

  • Fluent in English (speaking & writing). Good knowledge of local languages (Hausa / Kanuri… etc.).

Work Experience:

  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in HR and Finance management in the field with a Humanitarian INGO
  • Strong technical capacity in strategic HR functions and management
  • Knowledge and skills:
  • Team management
  • Administrative and managerial skills
  • Good management capacities and team leadership spirit
  • Good analytical and writing skills
  • Conflict Resolution skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent reporting skills
  • Budget management skills
  • Proposal management skills
  • Computer skills:
  • Good knowledge of the MS office software including Word, Outlook, PowerPoint. Excellent in Excel, Saga, Homere, and SharePoint (Desirable).
  • Assets


  • Strong motivation to help people in need. Proven working experience in humanitarian organization.
  • Transversals skills:
  • Independence, ability to take initiatives, sense of responsibilities
  • Good resistance to stress
  • Pragmatism, objectivity, and an ability to take a step back and analyze
  • Ability to provide/structure instructions clearly and concisely both orally and in writing
  • A high sense of discretion and integrity when dealing with sensitive HR information
  • High degree of responsibility, initiative, alertness, emotional stability, the ability to prioritize a heavy workload and to delegate accordingly
  • Professional attitude and the ability to build successful working relationships with contacts outside of the projects. Demonstrate an integrated approach and attitude through normal work activities and a thorough understanding of community-based protection issues in the country of operation
  • Self-motivated, flexible, and adaptable to the needs of the team and organization
  • Strong commitment to support/develop capacity of national staff and developing second layer of leadership
  • Team player: proven management ability and inter-personal skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Problem solving and leadership skills
  • Ability to work independently while taking initiatives and showing a sense of responsibility
  • Sense of diplomacy and negotiation
  • Analytical skills
  • Organization, rigor, and ability to prioritize and meet deadlines
  • Ability to manage people remotely
  • Ability to work in volatile and secluded contexts.

N730,000 – N774,000 monthly.

Application Closing Date
11th January, 2023.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Note: Female applicants with strong skills and competence are encouraged to apply.

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