ASUU Strike: Ways To Stay Busy During ASUU Strike

Being a Nigerian during this period can be draining and tiring, especially with horrifying s of insurgencies, upcoming elections, and worse of all, being a student in tertiary institutions who have been home for a long period of over 90 days owing to the strike by the Academic Staff Union Of University – ASUU and waiting for latest update on ASUU strike.

The Academic staff union of universities popularly known as Asuu has been on strike since February 14th 2022, making students in these universities stranded, most of them have had their plans truncated.

This article would help you highlight the things you can do as a Nigerian student while at home instead of worrying excessively about the ongoing strike.

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While Waiting For Latest ASUU Strike Update Here Are Ways To Stay Busy

Become a volunteer

Go out and look for organizations where you can help out. It is not required to be compensated. Concentrate on gaining experience!. Volunteering is a fun experience and it helps put you out there, you never know what volunteering experience might land you that dream job you’ve been searching for your whole life.

Look for organisations, particularly NGOs that offer volunteering jobs, work with them and have fun while doing it, all these prepare you for the bigger picture outside the four walls of a school environment. Here are some volunteer organisations in Nigeris


Asides from volunteering, you could also apply for internships, and look up those organizations that are looking for interns, and undergraduate interns, it could help if the internship is a paid one but if it is not, you do not have to worry.

Internships just like volunteering are the perfect avenue for gathering a lot of Experience on the job, you would gain experience and improvement on your resume. Look for organisations in your field or even outside your field, studying something outside your field could even be a plus for you. Check out some latest internship opportunities in Nigeria here

Learn a trade or skill

There are a variety of trades to choose from, such as fashion design, baking, make-up, painting, and carpentry. Choose one and start learning! These skills are lucrative and could also help you in generating income even when school resumes.

You would have another means of generating income for yourself aside from the allowance you get from your parents. Financial independence is key and it is always important to start from scratch.

SIGN UP: Language Learning, Programming/Coding/Design/AutoCAD, Internships, and Undergraduate Programs are all options.

These things could help you in gaining the required skill set you will need in the future. Focus on tech skills this could help you.


You may choose to go to libraries or join book clubs to have access to books. Make a schedule and read a variety of topics! Reading is good for development so ensure you read as widely as possible, Literary works, History, and encyclopedias are examples of good reads.

Asides from reading all these books it is important you do not neglect your school books because once school resumes it would be a lot of rush-up work you would do as your lecturers would try hard to meet up with the curriculum.

Reading other materials and Brushing up on your school work during the strike would not only assist you in sharpening your memory, but it would also help you in meeting up with the school work, meaning you do not have to hasten to meet up when school resumes.

Start your own business

This is the finest moment to start a small business as an undergraduate. Start that business concept you’ve been mulling about. You are not too young to become an entrepreneur; take advantage of your free time at home to launch a modest business. The good s is that you don’t need a significant sum of money to begin started. You can also use social media to help your business grow.

Find a job

You might as well make some money while you’re at home. Get a job as an intern or assistant at a nearby office or company so you don’t have to pay too much for transportation. You could even be able to get work as a paid apprentice at a salon or creative studio.

Furthermore, you may decide to pursue a freelance career in writing or blogging. When looking for a job, the first step is to look for any industry or firm that is connected to your topic of study in school, enrol, and learn the ropes in that profession. You’ll receive extra experience as a result, which will offer you an advantage.

The beauty of the internet is that you can get connected to so many job opportunities without necessarily breaking a sweat. The money made may not be the kind that will set you up for life, but it may be enough to take care of some needs. Moreover, working would be fun and educational.

You learn the value of time and money and attain the essence of work ethic and work culture. Which no one would teach you within the four walls of a school. The internet’s appeal is that you can connect to a plethora of work options without breaking a sweat.

The money you make may not be enough to support you for the rest of your life, but it may suffice to meet some basic demands. Working would also be enjoyable and educational.

You learn the importance of time and money, as well as the fundamentals of work ethic and culture. Within the four walls of a school, no one would instruct you.

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