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The Central Bank Of Nigeria Tertiary Institutions Entrepreneurship Scheme (CBNTIES). CBN TIES is an initiative targeted at empowering graduates and undergraduates of Nigerian Polytechnics and Universities with entrepreneurial skills for entrepreneurship development and Job creation. The Scheme thus aims to provide an innovative financing model that will create jobs, enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem and support economic growth and development.

 Objectives of the CBN TIES Scheme

  • The broad objective of the Scheme is to enhance access to finance by undergraduates and graduates of polytechnics and universities in Nigeria with innovative entrepreneurial and technological ideas. Other specific objectives of the Scheme include:
  • Provide an enabling environment for co-creation, mentorship and development of entrepreneurial and technological innovations
  • Fast track ideation, creation and acceleration of a culture of innovation- driven entrepreneurship skills among graduates of polytechnics and universities in Nigeria;
  • Promote gender balance in entrepreneurship development through capacity development and improved access to finance;
  • Leapfrog entrepreneurial capacity of undergraduates and graduates for entrepreneurship and economic development in partnership with academia and industry practitioners; and
  • Boost contribution of non-oil sector to the nation’s GDP.

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 Eligible Business Activities Covered By The CBN TIES

Activities to be covered under the Scheme shall include innovative start-ups and existing businesses owned by graduates of Nigerian polytechnics and universities in the following areas:Agribusiness – production, processing, storage and logistics;

  • Information technology – application/software development, business process outsourcing, robotics, data management
  • Creative industry – entertainment, artwork, publishing, culinary/event management, fashion, photography, beauty/cosmetics
  • Science and technology – medicalinnovation, robotics, ticketing systems, traffic systems, reable energy, waste management.
  • Any other activity as may be determined by the CBN from time to time.

Note: Priority will be given to innovative entrepreneurial activities with high potentials for export, job creation and transformational impact.

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Eligibility Criteria / Requirement for Applying with The CBN TIES

Applicants under the Scheme shall be graduates of Nigerian polytechnics and universities with:

  • First-degree certificate (BSc/HND/ or its equivalent);
  • National Youth Service Certificate (NYSC) discharge or exemption certificate;
  • Certificate of Participation issued by polytechnics and universities evidencing entrepreneurship training; and
  • Not more than 7 years post-NYSC
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  • Focus shall be on both greenfield () and brownfield(existing) projects in ratio 40:60, respectively.
  • To promote gender equality, 50 per cent of the Term Loan Component of the Scheme shall be earmarked for female-led or -owned projects.
  • Facilities accessed under the Term Loan Component shall be revolving, as upon full repayment, beneficiaries shall be eligible to apply for additional and or increased funding to ensure sustainability of financing support to projects.
  • The facility shall be disbursed in tranches and subject to approved terms and milestones.
  • The tenor of projects financed under the Scheme shall be determined in relation to its cash flow and life of the underlying collateral.
  • The applicants
  • All movable assets financed under the Scheme or used as collateral to secure the loan shall be registered with the National Collateral Registry (NCR).
  • Risk sharing (including recoveries) shall be in ratio 80:20 between the Central Bank of Nigeria and the PFI for the amount in default after all recoveries have been made.
  • In the event of three (3) consecutive monthly repayment defaults by any beneficiary, the CBN and PFI shall review the repayment schedule with the beneficiary with recovery notification issued to that effect.
  • Beneficiaries of other CBN’s interventions shall be eligible to participate under the Scheme upon full repayment of amount outstanding under the other earlier accessed intervention facility.
  • This facility could be used for the refinancing of existing projects subject to Management’s special approval.

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The beneficiary shall:

  • Present for verification original copies of submitted certificates and documents;
  • Submit business proposal and other documentation requirements
  • Adhere strictly to the terms and conditions of the Scheme and avoid any forms of plagiarism in the project idea;
  • Utilize the funds for the purpose for which it was granted;
  • Present the business and its location for mapping/tagging, as well as monitoring and evaluation;
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date records available for inspection/verification by the CBN and Monitoring Team; and
  • Adhere strictly to the terms and conditions of the Scheme.

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