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Your curriculum vitae is crucial to your chances of getting a job

Applying for a job is a lot easier, thanks to the growth of technology. But this has come with its downside. Just as it seems easy to apply, likewise it is a lot convenient for a recruiter to only flip through your CV and drop it for another CV if nothing catches his attention. This is somewhat understandable given the number of CVs they had to go through.  

In fact, according to research, employers and recruiters spend less than 8 seconds reading a curriculum vitae. So, how do you make those few seconds count? Does your CV pass the, “8 seconds test?”

Besides, only less than 5 per cent of job applicants are being called back for an interview for a role they strongly feel they are qualified for or can perform.

If you are persistently getting no replies after sending in your applications for a simple position or for a role you are qualified for, then that means something is not right with your CV.

Also, if you are getting calls and interviews for the positions you are not interested in that means your CV is passing the wrong signals that need to be corrected.

Simple, avoidable and overlooked mistakes have cost a lot of job seekers the opportunity to get their dream job. In a labour market that is highly competitive, nothing should be left to chance. Eagle-eyed recruiters are looking out for that inconsequential omission or inclusion in your CV as a perfect excuse to drop the number of interview invitees. Don’t be part of that group!!!

Our professional CV services will make your CV strong, appealing and comes at a ridiculously low price compare with what obtains in the market. We will fine-tune and help you create the right impression for your CV.

How it works

To request for our service pay in 2000 Naira to United Bank for Africa (UBA) account number: 2145790420 (Peter Ike) or 3000 Naira for the drafting of a new CV.

Upon completion of payment send the evidence of your payment details such as full name, the amount paid, date of payment, debit alert or any other details that could validate your payment and a copy of your CV to: [email protected] or call 0808 713 5332

Also, provide your mobile number as we will need it to get more details that may be useful for drafting or redrafting of your curriculum vitae.

Stay safe and best of luck in your search to for a better career.

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