How To Get A Job in Lagos: A Step By Step Guide

Do you want to know how to acquire a job in Lagos if you don’t have any connections or experience? Then read on to find out how you can find a job in Lagos State, Nigeria. We are going to reveal to you a step-by-step approach that you may use to land your dream job, even if you’re seeking NGO jobs, graduate jobs, entry-level jobs, cashier jobs, or hotel jobs in Lagos, Nigeria.

Over 20.9 million Nigerians are unemployed, according to these figures. One of today’s students’ biggest concerns is the fear of not finding the desired job.

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After enduring all of this, these kids are now faced with unemployment. The fact that there is a widespread belief that there are no jobs does not imply that there are none. Some folks are still able to find good work. We can agree that knowing the proper people got them there for some, but in select cases, we observe how those who achieve exceptional achievements have corporations lining up to offer them jobs.

Although one of the important criteria of landing a good job in Lagos is having excellent grades at school, at least having anything less than a second class lower would definitely not aid in your job seeking but getting a white-collar job is more than just having a high school diploma; it takes a lot more to land that executive position. So, even if the competition is fierce, this article will show you where you may have missed it and how to correct the error and land the job of your dreams

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How To Get a Job In Lagos

Reflect on your skill

If you are serious about getting a white-collar job in the streets of Lagos, it is always important to hone your skills, getting a job nowadays has gone beyond just going to school and having excellent grades.

It is important to have good skills, especially skills that are relevant in today’s world, considering the influx of technology having a tech skill would be an added advantage, in order to home the skills you could take courses in The h related courses, like Back end development, Front end development, product management and the likes.

Update your resume regularly

Having an Updated CV is one key to landing your dream job,  if you update your resume to the latest you have been in your career path, it would allow the employers to see you as a good addition to their company.

Having a good CV structure is also of utmost importance in landing a good job in Lagos, if you aren’t vast in writing a well-structured CV, it is important you employ the aid of a good writer, who is good at constructing CVs.

Plan your career path

If you know you want to be successful at a particular career, always ensure to take courses along that career path, also make sure to attend seminars, conferences and the likes that would broaden your horizon on that particular career path.

It’s important you do this judiciously as the knowledge you gain from doing all this would eventually help you as you journey through the career and even make you the best among your peers. Who knows?

Set your career goals

This is also important if you want to land your dream Job in Lagos, setting a list of things you would like to achieve in your career, would actually go a long way in helping you.

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For example, if you want to have a career in banking and financing, it’s only important you get a job similar to that, if you are just starting out, you could apply to work as a bank teller in any of the commercial banks and from there you can ride through the ranks.

Explore and improve your skills:

It is not just about getting knowledgeable skills, it is important that you improve on these skills, you could do this by finding up the latest development in that area of specialisation, and also reading up books related to that field.

Prepare for Job interviews

Asides having skills, one of the most important parts of getting a job is the interview process, it is always important that you prepare ahead for the interview, look out for likely questions you would be asked and practice on them.

Hone your speaking skills, so you don’t get the cold feet when you are facing your interviewer, be confident in your answers, it will help you. As having high self-esteem, and good character is also looked into when employers are recruiting.

Know how to Negotiate Salary

Having good negotiation skills is top-notch so you don’t get cheated out of the Job, you negotiate for a salary that you think is beneficial to you at the same time, something you know the company can work with.

If you are going for a high-level company, you base your salary on their net worth, else putting more than what they can afford would eventually scare them away no matter how good your CV is.

8. Last but not least, Put God at the centre of everything, make sure you pray hard and have faith as you have hopes of landing your dream Job.

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