Meaning of “Otoro gba gbue gi” in English and Other Insultive Igbo Words

In this write up we will explore the meaning of some common insulative words in Igbo. That is, the meaning of Otoro gba gbue gi in the English language and other insulative words in Igbo.

Insulative words in the Igbo language and the meaning of “otoro gba gbue gi”

Here are a list of some commonly derogatory and insulative words in Igbo Language

Otoro gba gbue gi

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Otoro gba gbue gi is a derogatory sentence commonly used by those from the south-eastern part of Nigeria, West Africa which means, “may you die of excess stooling.” Otoro means, “running stomach”, gba means “will” and gbue gi means, “will kill you.”

Anu ofia ka gi nma

This is an insult in Igbo which means, “bush animals are better than you” This by implication means such an individual does not command any useful value in society, even domestic and bush animals are of more value to the society.


This is an Igbo insult, it means “a bush animal that It lost”. Anuofia means “bush animal” efulefu means lost, that is, a person that lacks vision, direction and purpose in life.

Nton mkpo

Nton mkpo Is an an Ibibio word that means Idiot. If you don’t understand Ibibio, you may mistake it for a friendly gesture. In other words, it means one that can not reason properly. A dumb person

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Nkita la’cha ike gi

Nkita la’cha ike gi – this Igbo insult that means, “May dog lick your butt.”

Nkita ta ki

Nkita ta ki means ‘ may dog bite you. This ordinarily may not look derogatory on the surface of it but it carries a significance which is considered a bad omen in Igbo land if you are beaten by a dog.

Isi uku

Isiu uku is an igbo word that on the literary surface means “big head”. However, it can be used in a derogatory way or in certain contexts to mean a stupid or senseless individual.

Ala na ulu

This in the Igbo language means, “Are you mad?

Nkita ara:

Means mad dog

Isi Ewu

Isi Ewu means, “goat head”

Ewu means, “goat”

Anu mpama

Anu mpama means meat in a derogative way.

Onye iberibe

Onye iberibe means, “senseless person”

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