La Fayette Microfinance Bank Ltd (Advans Nigeria), established in 2012, is a microfinance bank providing financial services to MSMEs in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria.  La Fayette MFB provides loans and other financial services to low-income micro entrepreneurs and MSMEs.

La Fayette Microfinance Bank  Client Officer (SOUTHWEST – NIGERIA)  



The Client Officer is responsible for processing the loans, monitoring the loan portfolio and developing the Advans La Fayette MFB loan clientele. He/she will also be responsible for developing the savings and deposits portfolio for the target groups.   The client Officer will spend more than 60% of the time on the field by performing visits to clients in commercial areas.     


ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE / SKILLS •Degree or Higher National Diploma in any discipline

•Good relationship and communication skills with strong team spirit  

•Strong analytical skills  

•Good computer skills  

•Real motivation to work and grow in a performance based environment

•Taste for fieldwork  



•Practical knowledge of micro / small / medium businesses  

•Knowledge of microfinance bank sector is a must  

•Good writing skills  

•Knowledge of the local languages, especially yoruba

Application deadline: 24/12/2021