6 Ways To Make Money From Your Artworks And Drawings

How to make money being an artist that produces artefacts can be challenging being an African or a Nigerian. This is due to the level of values that Africans placed on crafts despite having lots of talented artists. In this article, we have researched some of the realistic methods you can explore to make money from your artwork as an artist in Nigeria or Africa.

Showcase Your Artwork On Social Media Platforms

Social media has become a trend in today’s world. In fact, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and other social media platforms have become the top destination for the showcase of talents. All things considered, you can associate with purchasers across the globe that are able to pay for your artefacts.

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However, there’s a trick, everything boils down to the number of subscribers or followers you have—the more famous your pages are the higher the interest for your craft. You can start by building your followers.


Here are some tips to consider when using Instagram to showcase your artwork

• Post only top-notch pictures

• When capturing your fine art, pick a perfect foundation and normal light

• Stick to your brought together with style or brand—track down a specific channel, hashtag, language, and so forth that addresses you and your craft

• Write innovative inscriptions that recount a story

• Use important hashtags (that compare to watchwords that relate to your profession)

• Write an appealing bio (it’s the main spot where supporters can tap to view more)

• Post consistently (to some extent two times every week)

Besides owning and managing social media pages, you may look out for pages or groups that are into similar lines of business and liaise with them.

Tap Into GTBank, Art635 Collobaroation For Artists

In the year 2018 GTbank collaborated with one of Africas biggest art galleries known as the art635. The art635 has been at the forefront of promoting artwork in Nigeria and Africa. The project is part of GTBank’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy and the launch of Art635 is one of her effort to promote African arts locally and internationally.

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GTBank, Art635 is open to painters artists sculptors and photographers of all forms in Nigeria and Africa. It is a free-to-use platform.

To submit artwork on Art635 apply here

Make Money By Showcasing Your Artworks Physically

In case you are the proactive and social butterfly kind of craftsman, observing understudies shouldn’t be an issue. On the whole, you need to set up which sort of meeting will be more appropriate for you.

In the event that you investigate, you’ll most likely observe that your locality offers opportunities for bringing in some cash with your artefacts. Interestingly, it is better if you have alluring arts that centres on astrophotography, crafts, calligraphy or road photography.

A few thoughts on how you can add to the public activity of your local area while acquiring experience and earning more:

• Offer painting (or whatever your strength is) classes or one-day studios to grown-ups, children or high-schoolers in your neighbourhood public venue

• Organize an exhibition alone or welcome different artists to take part in.

• Offer short, intelligent workmanship studios for corporate occasions and gatherings

• Organize “plain air” painting studios in nature

Instructing on the web Showing on the web courses can be a superior choice for contacting a more extensive crowd. Notwithstanding, mentoring a few groups simultaneously will be substantially more troublesome online than eye to eye. Another choice is to transform your education into a type of easy revenue. You’ll need to set up the material once, and it can bring you pay in any event, for a very long time or a long time.

A Few Different Ways On How You Can Turn Into A Web-Based Craftsmanship Guide:

• Sell seminars on stages like Udemy and Skillshare

• Sell guides and instructional exercises on your own site or Sellfy page (these can take any structure – video instructional exercises, digital books, bit by bit directs with pictures, and so forth)

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• Create your own YouTube channel to give week after week illustrations on various methods (we’ve effectively clarified that selling instructional exercises on YouTube is simple when you gain proficiency with the essential standards of this interaction)

For instance, James Gurney has joined the last two showing choices by giving attracting and painting illustrations to more than 79,000 individuals on his YouTube channel and selling more broad instructional exercises on his Sellfy page.

Make Money From Online Marketplace

The online marketplace has become the future of trading. There are vast online platforms where you can list your items for sell including artworks too. Some great platforms that appeal to Nigerians and Africans for marketing or selling your artworks include Sellfy, Shopify, Selz, 3dCart, Gumroad, etc. Some of these sites may charge commissions for some of these products sold on their sites.

Applying For Awards, Projects And Competitions

Numerous worldwide projects, nearby networks or non-benefit associations offer awards for Artists. The essence of these is either to help young artists, advance their culture or address a specific issue. Learn tricks that can help in the application process On different occasions, neighbourhood establishments may need real bits of craftsmanship to beautify new structures or give a decent touch to an occasion.

How To Apply For These Awards And Competition?

Attempt a basic internet-based search like “awards for craftsmen” or “craftsman challenges”. To limit the inquiry down, you can add your particular nation, state or city. You will presumably find something like a few competitions or projects that you are qualified to enter and win cash or different prizes, and the opportunity to show your work. Additionally, make certain to follow the news via online media and your creative or expert circles, similar to the college, craftsman affiliation or NGO.

These are some of the approaches you can use to make money as an artist in Nigeria or across Africa. The results from these platforms are not immediate. It may require a persistent and consistent approach. None of these is a get-rich-quick-scheme. As an artist you have to keep going even if it looks bleak.

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