Sales Manager ( Open Trade) at LONTOR Nigeria

Sales Manager ( Open Trade) | Location: Lagos | LONTOR Nigeria

View LONTOR Nigeria – LONTOR establish a successful image store in Lagos, Nigeria. We have successfully operated the image store for four and a half years now, and are proud that we’re not only still in business, but growing. As a reliable brand, LONTOR has been committed to providing high-quality, energy-efficient, convenient lighting and emergency household electrical products for the Nigerian consumer. With good quality and beautiful design, LONTOR today is welcomed by Nigeria market. 

  • Overseeing and coordinating all activities and operations of the sales department:
    • Coordinating the activities of a sales team in order to build a healthy and profitable relation with buyers and other associates;
    • Assigning members of the team to the company’s accounts;
    • Devising new and original strategies and techniques necessary for achieving the sales targets;
    • Setting weekly, quarterly, monthly, and annual sales targets for the Sales Executives and other Sales Representatives, making sure these targets are realistic and achievable;
    • Defining and implementing sales policies and procedures;
    • Approving all sales plans and budgets.
  • Researching and identifying sales opportunities, generating leads, and targeting potential clients:
    • Looking for and establishing contact with prospective customers and clients for their company; and
    • Acting as a company representative in trade shows and other related events.
  • Developing, maintaining, and improving relationships with key accounts to maintain a high level of service and client loyalty.
  • Meeting with other company Managers to ensure that business objectives are being properly executed and are on schedule.
  • Liaising with the Marketing department in order to create a more thorough and effective sales campaign and strategy:
    • Putting together a team formed by a Project Manager, Product Designers, technical experts, and other professionals to help develop a marketing plan that would benefit both the client and the company; and
    • Carrying out brand promotion.
  • Overseeing the recruitment and training processes of new staff members:
    • Monitoring the performance of teams and sales goals;
    • Reading and evaluating the staff’s sales reports; and
    • Ensuring that each team member meets individual goals, as well as the overall sales goal of the company.
  • Keeping up-to-date on current market changes and trends to be able to come up with new and original sales strategies:
    • Staying updated in the latest trends in sales by regularly reading specialized literature and attending workshops and seminars; and
    • Keeping track of the competition and all new trends and products in the market.
    • Required Skills and Qualifications
    • knowledge of Fan and lighting industry
    • Adaptive personality with the ability to learn and apply new sales strategies quickly:
      • Being resilient when facing challenges.
    • Strong people management skills; ability to assemble and manage a team of professionals.
    • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills:
      • Communicating clearly, both in writing and verbally, in order to create a clear and communicative environment with their Sales team, as well as with important clients;
      • Having a friendly and engaging personality in order to create positive interactions with clients;
      • Being able to assist their team members while resolving customers’ issues; and
      • Providing high levels of customer service to existing clients and potential customers.
    • Being resourceful, energetic, driven, and structured.
    • Strong organizational, operational, and planning skills in a sales focused environment:
      • Multitasking; being able to work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment;
      • Being proactive and goal-oriented; and
      • Being able to work independently with minimal supervision.
    • Analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills:
      • Identifying issues and resolving problems in a timely manner; and
      • Being able to gather, monitor, and analyze all types of quantitative and qualitative data into sales reports.
    • 6 years managerial experience

Application Closing Date
 Apr 30, 2021

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should forward their CV to: [email protected] using the position as the subject of the email.