Snakes In Toilet Bowl: How They Get In, Safety And Preventive Measures

The toilet is usually a safe and most relaxing place for man, going by recent events it is somewhat gradually becoming a source of worry and a death trap. Over the last couple of days, the internet has been awash with stories of snakes found in unlikely places such as the toilet bowel in our houses. In this article, we will look at some of the causes and some measures to take for your safety.

Why Do Snakes Get Into Toilet Bowls?

As the dry season approaches, the chances of finding a snake in our places of residence will increase. During this period, snakes usually leave their once moody, swampy and wet places as it gets less inhabitable for more conducive places.

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If there are no nearby streams or rivers they search for any available pits such as pipes and drainage. Openings for the disposal of any form of human waste become a conducive place for these creepy reptiles.

How Do Snakes Get Into Our Houses And Toilet Bowl?

There are various ways snakes can find their way into the home and eventually into the toilet bowl. The common entry point into the toilet bowl is through the connecting pipe that links the toilets from its back to the connecting suck-away pit, i.e, the Septic tank.

Snakes feel comfortable in tiny dark spaces such as pipes. They navigate themself through these pipes and in the process end up in peoples’ toilet bowls.

In the process of looking for wet openings around the places of residence, they easily find the same at the edges of poorly covered suck-way pits; or through the methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emitting pipe of the septic tank.

Some use the ventilation pipe on the roofs of buildings or by the side of these suck away pits

Secondly, snakes can gain entry into our home through other openings in the roofs and ceilings, broken doors or windows etc. This can be either be during the day or at night.

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From this point of entry, they locate tight spaces and enclosures to fit themselves. Upon going entry into our home they could crawl into the toilet bowel directly if left open.

How To Prevent Snakes From Getting Into Toilet Bowels?

The most effective way to stop a snake from coming through your pipe into your toilet bowels is to call a technician or plumber to install a snake grill or net in between the connecting pipes.

How To Detect If There Could Be A Snake In Your House?

It’s tough to detect this, otherwise, no one will be caught unawares. However, seeing a snake in your house is the main evidence you need to know you have one in your house. Looking out for specific evidence about the existence of snakes may not always be easy. It can remain hidden in a house for months

However, there are a few measures you can adopt to detect if you could be living with a snake without your knowledge.

Firstly, watch out for the shredded skin of snakes. Unlike most animals, the skin of snakes does not grow as the size of the snake changes. Snakes shed their skin on averagely once every two months. This could however depend on the age and species of the snake. Some are known to shed their skin more frequently than others.

The process of mooting also takes place before and after reproduction. This is to adjust to the changes in the body structure of the snake. There are chances you may find strange skin in your surrounding if a snake has been in your environment for weeks.

These could be in tiny pieces or a whole. They can be found in edges, closets or enclosures of our house. To dictate this you may have to be extremely meticulous.

Excretes of snakes are some other pointer, t. Droppings from snakes are like those of birds. It may contain pieces of bones or feathers, the undigested remains of their pray

Thirdly, look out for slithering track. Snakes crawl on its belly. In a dusty area, you will easily find these signs that a snake must have passed a certain location. Observing this in the early hours of the day would make it more noticeable.

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Also, watch out for distinct and unique smells. Some snakes have smells. If you notice an unusual smell in an environment do not overlook it. This could be an indicator.

What to do if you suspect a snake may be in Your Place Of Residence?

It is important to avoid any form of direct or physical confrontation with these reptiles. Though most snakes are harmless, you may not be able to tell which of these snakes could be harmful. Thus, avoid trying to remove them yourself.

The idea thing to do is to reach out for the services of a pest control or snake removal services company. Companies like Truetech Wild Life Service or Cleaneat and others provide such services.

Examine the areas where you must have seen a snake and look out for holes or where it could be nesting. Only take note of these spots and do not attempt to handle them yourself. Snakes prefer cold, damp and dark places, places such as a basement, refuse corners, laundry room etc.

Take the following measures to prevent snake infestation:

  • Remove every pile of woods or debris from your environment. Specks of Dirt in our immediate environment attract rodents which in turn attract snakes. In the process of snakes chasing rodents, they follow them into our houses.
  • If you rear birds or fowls, consider keeping them away from your place of residence. Birds are bad at eating. They drop grains on the floor which attracts rodents and ultimately attracts snakes.
  • Always keep the toilet bowl closed after use.
  • Regularly apply disinfectant in your environment.
  • Clear the bushes in your immediate environment. If there are no bushes it becomes very tough for a snake to be found in your houses. Reported cases of snake infection are often characterized by long vegetation in such surroundings.
  • Look out for cracks in your doors, windows, fences and fix them.

In conclusion, detecting the existence of snakes in our environment is touch. Efforts towards the prevention of snakes infection are also often overlooked until after someone suffers a repercussion of these lapses. The best method to combat snake infestation is to be proactive, act decisively and adopt the needful measures.

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