What Tinubu’s Wife, Remi Tinibu Said About The Igbos

Multiple statements attributed to the wife of a popular Lagos state politician and the Action People Congress presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu have emerged online.

In the circulating videos, she made certain statements about the Igbos living in Lagos which many find offensive while some argued those statements were only meant to be taken seriously

As the 2023 elections draw closer, electorates are scrutinizing candidates of various parties in other to be able to make a proper evaluation of each candidate. This has led to past statements, achievements, records etc being brought to the limelight. Unfortunately, Remi Tinibu has found herself on the wrong side of the divide.

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What Remi Tinibu Said About The Igbos

Remi Tinbu said in the Yoruba language:

We will entreat all the deities of Lagos to chase Igbo people out, Igbos who didn’t marry Yoruba we will inherit them. Given you much we love Igbos, you now want to spoil everything. You are not the only tribe in this place, Hausa are here, we accommodated them but Igbos are proving difficult we will inherit you.

Oluremi Tinubu

Here is a clip of one of the said videos

Here are some of the reactions that trailed the video:

  • I don’t know why you all are bent in dividing this country. She hasn’t said anything wrong. Anyone who knows the Yoruba culture will know clearly that this is a complete joke and funfair conversation. The person she is talking to is no stranger to her.
  • Redeemed church made a wife of Alhaji a pastor, why will the husband not insult Christians? With what merit is this lady ordained a pastor for Christ’s sake
  • Jokes get boundaries man, a lawmaker for that matter, this no be first time she did that and you think is a joke ? Through joke truth dey come out
  • You cannot be living and have also prospered on someone’s land and still go against what the Landlord/landlady wants! We Yoruba’s are so lenient and accommodating, if I may ask, can Igbos’s call Kano ‘no man’s land’ because it is also a business hub? Just for the record, Oluremi Tinubu, Lagos belongs to us and not you and your husband. we true owners of Lagos say ‘we still trust our Igbo neighbours’

In another video shared by punch newspaper far back in 2019, The third time serving senator was sported telling an Igbo man using a walking stick in pidgin, ” we no dey trust una again” which means we don’t trust the Igbos anymore. See how you can easily download the videos from twitter here

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